Gonzales city council reduces the rate that city receive merit rasies

Mary-Glenn Smith

At the Gonzales City Council meeting last week, members held the final vote on the Ordinance No. 2953, which reduces the rate at which city employees receive and merit raises.

It passed with a 3-2 vote from council members.

Councilman Terance Irvin and Kenny Matassa opposed the change.

The change reduced merit raises from 5 percent to 2.238 percent.

City employees currently move from the starting salary in each pay grade to the salary cap in seven steps.

The new change to a 2.238 percent raise will extend the seven steps to hit the cap to 14 steps.

    In an unrelated matter, Mayor Barney Arceneaux said work to repair railroad crossings at Burnside Avenue and Purpera, Cornerview, Coolidge and New River roads will begin in June.

     Arceneaux also said portions of the sidewalk on Irma and a pedestrian footbridge at Worthey Road will be completed by the end of the week, in time for the Jambalaya Festival.