Braud’s resignation official

Mary-Glenn Smith

John Braud officially resigned from his position as a Sorrento councilman at the town council meeting on Tuesday night.

At last week’s meeting on May 18, Braud became angry during a discussion over the council’s access to records, dealing specifically with Police Chief Earl Theriot and the police department’s phone records.

Braud left the meeting last week declaring his resignation, but made it official Tuesday when he presented a letter of resignation to the mayor and councilmen.

Family and friends supported Braud at the meeting as he recited his letter.

Chief Theriot was present, but left the room when Braud began to read the letter.

Braud began by saying that it “has been a great honor to be elected to serve the town and its citizens.”

Braud went on to explain that after careful thought, he came to the conclusion that he was unable to serve the citizens in the ways that he once thought possible.

“I have never been one to back down from a challenge,” Braud said. “And I don’t think that is what is happening now.”

He then briefly addressed the issue of the phone records and his and Chief Theriot’s disagreement over them.

He explained that everyone already knew the details surrounding the incident and he did not have much more to say about it other than that “Chief Theriot cannot claim that his only problem was with the bills leaving the town hall.”

“If that was true, he would not have kept me from viewing them at the at the town hall on that Tuesday evening and would not have screamed, accused, and threatened during his conversation with the Mayor on Wednesday,” Braud said.

Braud went on to say that he believes all this is being done as a personal retaliation against him and he cannot understand why.

“I do believe that it is both irresponsible and indefensible,” Braud said. “The town should come first and whatever disagreements we have personally should be set aside.”

The council voted 3-0 to accept Braud’s resignation. Councilman Lionel Melancon was not present at the meeting.

Braud said he would submit a notarized letter of resignation to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office immediately so the council can begin finding someone to fill his seat as councilman.