East Ascension's Tiffany Robinson, coaches top district honors

Michael Tortorich
East Ascension junior catcher Tiffany Robinson watches the ball sail off her bat in the playoffs this season. Robinson was named the Most Valuable Player for District 6-5A, as she helped her team to the quarterfinals of the state tournament in Sulphur this year.

Ascension Parish softball players were well-represented in all-district honors this season, as St. Amant’s Scott Nielson and East Ascension’s Amy Pitre received Coaches of the Year.

East Ascension junior catcher Tiffany Robinson was named Most Valuable Player in District 6-5A.

All three parish teams in the district had pitchers on the first team:?St. Amant senior Aime Parent, Dutchtown junior Alexi Reynolds and East Ascension senior Rachel LeCoq. Hahnville’s Lauren Candies also made the first team.

Robinson and Dutchtown junior Jade Bourgeois were first-team catchers.

The top infielders included: Kandace Boudreaux and Kelly Luquette of St. Amant, and Brooke Delaune and Kyleigh LeBlanc of East Ascension.

The first-team outfielders included:?Carey Alexis of Dutchtown, along with Melanie Parker and Whitney Troxclair of St. Amant.

Dutchtown freshman Tia Patterson received first-team honors as a utility player.

Area players making the second team were: Chelsea LeBlanc, East Ascension; Kasey Palmer, East Ascension; Gabrielle Templet, St. Amant; Justine Tureau, Dutchtown; Faydra Hall, Dutchtown; and Brionne Winey, Dutchtown.

In District 8-1A, Ascension Catholic and Ascension Christian garnered honors.

Alayna Falcon of Ascension Catholic was a first-team pitcher.

The top infielders included Annie Ourso and Nancy Guillot, both of Ascension Catholic.

Receiving outfield honors were:?Anna Lassere and Lauren Oubre, also Bulldogs.

Ascension Christian pitcher Megan Pellegrin was on the  second team, along with Ascension Catholic’s Aimee Guillot.

Also named to the second team were:?Cannon Blanchard, Maggie Schexnaydre, Melanie Bocckl and Chrissy Swanson, all of Ascension Catholic.

District 6-5A

First team

Pitchers: Lauren Candies, Hahnville, Sr.; Rachel LeCoq, East Ascension, Sr.; Aime Parent, St. Amant, Sr.; Alexi Reynolds, Dutchtown, Jr.   

Catchers:?Jade Bourgeois, Dutchtown, Jr.; Tiffany Robinson, East Ascension, Jr.

Infielders:?Kandace Boudreaux, St. Amant, Sr.; Elise deBruler, Hahnville, Jr.; Brooke Delaune, East Ascension, Fr.; Courtney Dutreix, Hahnville, So.; Kyleigh LeBlanc, East Ascension, Fr.; Kelly Luquette, St. Amant, Sr.; Summer Melancon, Hahnville, So.   

Outfielders: Carey Alexis, Dutchtown, So.; Brooke Courville, East Ascension, So.; Alexandra Friloux, Hahnville, So.; Melanie Parker, St. Amant, Sr.; Whitney Troxclair, St. Amant, So.   

Designated Player: Abby Boutte, Hahnville, Jr.   

Utility: Hope Mair, Hahnville, So.; Tia Patterson, Dutchtown, Fr.   

Most Valuable Player: Tiffany Robinson, East Ascension, Jr.

Coaches of the Year: Scott Nielson, St. Amant; Amy Pitre, East Ascension.

Second team

Pitchers:?Abbie Hall, Destrehan, Fr.; Chelsea LeBlanc, East Ascension, Jr.

Catcher: Jasmine Brown, East St. John, Jr.   

Infielders: Nicole Haydel, Destrehan, Fr.; Destinee Nicholas, Hahnville, Sr.; Kasey Palmer, East Ascension, So.; Gabrielle Templet, St. Amant, Sr.; Justine Tureau, Dutchtown, Sr.

Outfielders:?Taylor Webre, Hahnville, Jr.; Aimee Sylvester, Destrehan, Jr.; Faydra Hall, Dutchtown, Sr.

Utility: Michelle Haydel, Destrehan, Fr.; Brionne Winey, Dutchtown, So.   

District 8-1A

First team

Pitchers: Alayna Falcon, Ascension Catholic, So.; Skyler O’Bear, White Castle, seventh; Lauren Poirrier, St. John, Sr.

Catcher: Jessie Brown, St. John, Fr.

Infielders: Annie Ourso, Ascension Catholic, Sr., first base; Bailey Burleigh, St. John, Sr., second base; Nancy Guillot, Ascension Catholic, Fr., shortstop; Tajh Howard, West St. John, Fr.

Outfielders: Anna Lassere, Ascension Catholic, Jr.; Lauren Oubre, Ascension Catholic, So.; Morgan Allain, St. John, Sr.; Maddie Bahry, St. John, Jr.

Utility: Kaycie Hudson, St. John, So.; Ormani Favorite, West St. John, Jr.

Designated player: Kamryn Theriot, St. John, Fr.

Second team

Pitchers: Megan Pellegrin, Ascension Christian, Sr.; Amy Langlois, Christian Life, seventh; Aimee Guillot, Ascension Catholic, Jr.; Kamryn Theriot, St. John, Fr.

Catcher: Cannon Blanchard, Ascension Catholic, Jr.

Infielders: Taylor Landry, St. John, Jr., first base; Ashton Landry, White Castle, So., first base; Ormani Favorite, West St. John, Jr.; Hannah Pitre, St. John, Sr., shortstop; Shelby Martin, White Castle, Sr., shortstop; Maggie Schexnayder, Ascension Catholic, Jr.

Outfielders: Melanie Bocckl, Ascension Catholic, Jr.; Chrissy Swanson, Ascension Catholic, So.; Jazmine Williams, White Castle, Sr.; Brittany Turco, West St. John, Jr.

Utility: Katie Bankston, Christian Life, Sr.

Designated player: Aimee Guillot, Ascension Catholic, Jr.

Most Valuable Player: Lauren Poirrier, St. John

Coach of the Year: Oliver “Cricket” Crockett, St. John