Local serving abroad meets Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints

Michael Tortorich
LaKeitha Ricks Lowery poses with New Orleans Saints MVP quarterback Drew Brees in Djibouti, Africa, where she is stationed in the Navy. Brees and tight end Billy Miller visited members of the military after helping the Saints win their first Super Bowl in February.

LaKeitha Ricks Lowery wanted to be at home in Louisiana when the New Orleans Saints went to the Super Bowl, but being stationed in Djibouti, Africa in the Navy, she could only watch her team win it all on television.

As one of the biggest Saints fans, she didn’t like that at all. But little did she know, she was in for a treat just days later.

Saints MVP quarterback Drew Brees and tight end Billy Miller paid a visit to the men and women of the military stationed in Djibouti.

Lowery was able to talk to the players and take photos with them.

Lowery has been in the Navy for 10 years, which has taken her all over the world.

Her mother, the Rev. Glenda Ricks, said she represents Louisiana proudly.

“I’m very proud of my Navy girl and I love her very much,” she said. “I ask everyone to keep her in their prayers that she will return back to her two kids and her family safely.”