Early Charter voting light

Staff reports

Early voting turnout for the May 1 special election was light, with a total of 216 early voters for the entire parish, according to the Office of the Registrar of Voters.

Turnout included 126 early voters at the Gonzales Registrar’s Office, plus 24 mail-in votes.

At the Donaldsonville office, 53 persons voted early, plus 13 mail-ins.

A total of 28 amendments to the Home Rule Charter were included on the ballot, grouped into eight items. The changes are the first proposed amendments since the charter was adopted in 1993.

In Donaldsonville, voters also considered 5.33 mills and 4.67 mills propositions for West Ascenion Consolidated Gravity Drainage District.

Look for a review of the Home Rule Charter Amendments in Friday’s Weekly Citizen.