Council exempts Lamar-Dixon from sales taxes

Wade McIntyre

The Ascension Parish Council unanimously adopted ordinances at its Feb. 18 meeting in Gonzales that will exempt Lamar-Dixon Expo Center from sales taxes paid on the sale of concessions, admission tickets and parking rates.

The lifting of sale tax collections at the expo center affects the 1/2 cent collection in Sales Tax District No. 2 and the one-cent collection in the Ascension Sales Tax District.

Such exemptions are common around the state and country and are designed to allow public owned facilities such as fairs and the expo center to better compete in the marketplace.

The council adopted the two ordinances unanimously, as permitted by Louisiana law.

The sales tax exemptions will not apply to the sale of goods or personal property at trade shows, guns shows, boat shows or other events where the sale of the goods is main purpose of the show or event.

The ordinances pertain to other publicly owned facilities in the parish as well as the expo center.

The council in the ordinance also requests that other parish government taxing entities, including the school board, the Law Enforcement District and the East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 also grant exemptions for all sales taxes collected by them at publicly owned buildings in the respective jurisdictions.