DEQ samples Prairieville lake

Michael Tortorich

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality officials took samples of water this week from a Prairieville subdivision lake where residents suspect someone dumped human waste.

As first reported in the Weekly Citizen, residents of Spanish Oaks subdivision noticed the possible pollution in the lake Friday.

Janet Kliebert, a resident of the Swamp Road subdivision, said she reported the incident to multiple government agencies, including the state DEQ and the Environmental Protection Agency.

After providing photos and information, she said DEQ officials began monitoring the situation.

They took samples of water and substances from the lake.

“Upon looking at the site, they feel it is much more than just algae and vegetation,” Kliebert said.

As of Thursday morning, Spanish Oaks residents were awaiting results from DEQ.

Kliebert said someone dumped the materials in the lake at some point last Thursday night or early last Friday morning.

She said it has happened at least three times within the last few weeks.

Homeowners have discussed installing surveillance cameras to monitor the area.