FROM SCRATCH: Davis, Lanclos integral in Lions’ inaugural football campaign

Peter Silas Pasqua
Ascension Christian’s Troy Davis and Aaron Lanclos will play integral roles in the Lions’ inaugural season this year.

Ascension Christian, fresh off of opening their school just last year, will leap into the football ranks this season with a brand new program.

“Even though we are new, these guys have a chemistry and know how to play together,” Ascension Christian head coach Ross Holden said. “That was an advantage for me coming in.”

Sophomores Troy Davis and Aaron Lanclos are two players the Lions will rely upon heavily this season after playing together on the school’s first basketball and baseball teams last year.

“Troy is our fastest kid and Aaron is our strongest,”?Holden said. “They have been punishing people since we went to full pads and they are going to be all over the field.”

Both admit it has been difficult being involved in planting the seed of a program but look forward to sowing the reward.

“We had to work extra hard because we don’t have a lot of people,” Lanclos said. “It has been kind of hard waiting and now we are just ready to get out there and start hitting.”

“A lot of guys played together last year and we have pretty good chemistry,” Davis said. “Even though this is our first year, I think we are going to surprise a lot of people because our coaches are putting us in a position to be successful.”

Lanclos and Davis has seen the leadership put into the program by Holden and want to put thier own mark on it.

“First of all, he is a good Christian guy and he teaches us stuff about Jesus while we are playing football,” Lanclos said. “He has done a lot to help us start this program. You have to lead by example and show everybody that you want to be the best by working the hardest in everything you do. We demand excellence. To lead you must serve first.”

“He is a strong Christian man and that is the foundation of our program,” Davis said. “Without him our football program would definitely not be where it needs to be. He does a little bit of everything and a lot just from his heart. You can never leave anyone behind and show everyone that you really care and want the team to get better by doing things to the best of your ability.”

A ritual of sorts has become part of the Lions’ practices recently when the earth was turned to plant seeds on the football field at thier school.

“We got sea shells out there,” Lanclos said. “All over. Part of practices sometimes is just picking up shells. You have to do what you have to do to get ready.”

While both play other sports, the intensity and physical contact of football attracts them to the game.

“The intensity just lets you loose,” Davis said. “In other sports you can’t be as loud as you want to be. With football, you can be as wild as you want, run as fast as you can and hope for the best.”

“I like the contact part of it,” Lanclos said. “That is why I love it the best. I grew up watching football all my life and I just love the game.”

Although neither has experienced the electricity of playing under Friday night lights, the anticipation eats at both.

“I am looking forward to the intensity of it all and the competition,” Davis said. “We are a very competitive team and we like getting after it. The lights and all the people watching you, I find that very cool to look forward to.”

“I have been looking forward to playing high school football on Friday nights ever since middle school,” Lanclos said. “ I just imagine having a good time out there”

After competing as a Class C school last season, the addition of football forced Ascension Christian to move up to 1A.

“I think we are going to be ready for this challenge coming to us and we are going to take it on and hope for the best,” Lanclos said. “We need to hit it right now early and maybe when we are seniors, hopefully we can be competing for championships.”

“I think we are ready right now,” Davis added. “Our coaches are doing a great job of preparing us for what is going to happen and what is going to need to be done to play football in high school. I think we are ready and couldn’t wait any longer if we tried.”