Sorrento awards pond levee contract

Staff reports

SORRENTO – The Town Council declared an emergency condition at the Sorrento Wastewater Pond during a special session Thursday.

Council members unanimously adopted a motion authorizing town attorney Greg Lambert to send a certified letter to the owner of Oakwood Estates Park mobile home park located outside the town limits mandating the owner to comply with Sorrento regulations and repair the park sewer system.

The letter is to state that the town will take legal action if the park sewer system is not brought into compliance.

The park owned by Jay Desai of Savita Investments LLC, 108 West Loop, LaPlace, is suspected by town officials of having leaks in its drainage pipes which absorb rainwater and contribute to Sorrento’s pond flooding.

The council also accepted a bid from Gator Environmental to raise the levee on the wastewater plant for $288,662. The bid amount could be $40,000 less if Gator provides the town with a full contract performance bond, provides a $5 million liability insurance policy, provides the town with copies of their workers compensation coverage, and provides copies of all vehicle and equipment insurance coverage to be used on the project.

Gator’s design specifications and contract terms are also subject to approval by Sorrento’s engineering firm Glenn Shaheen and Associates in order for the bid reduction to take effect.

The council also adopted a motion authorizing Councilman Randy Anny to represent the town in the work performed by Gator Environment and to report on the work to the council and Shaheen’s engineer Lynn Chance.

Councilman Edwin Pezant was absent from the meeting.