East Ascension Drainage Board accepts bids

Staff reports

The East Ascension Drainage Board plans to begin construction in about 60 days on an enclosure around the Marvin Braud Pumping Station near Sorrento.

The board accepted a $1,690,000 low bid from Acadian Builders & Contractors LLC during the regular meeting Monday to perform the work which will provide hurricane protection at the facility.

The board also authorized an $11,000 purchase of track raking equipment to stop debris from getting into the pumps. Guzman Machine Works is the supplier.

The project and equipment purchase are in response to high water which threatened to shut the plant down during Hurricane Gustav and its aftermath.

During the meeting Bill Roux, who was manager of the department during its stand alone breakaway from parish administration, was appointed manager of the department after its return to control of the parish president in February.

The board also authorized $125,000 for acquisition of servitudes needed for the Laurel Ridge Levee project.