Doctor seeks veterans for trial

Staff reports

A New Orleans doctor is looking for veterans of either the Iraq or Afghanistan wars who have suffered traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder to participate in a free pilot trial of treatment.

Dr. Paul Harch has been treating patients with hyperbaric oxygen for 18 years, and since September, has been treating veterans who qualify. He needs more volunteers for the trial.

According to Juliette Lucarini Harch, Dr. Harch’s wife and a registered nurse at the clinic, all of the veterans who participated have achieved beneficial results.

Hyperbaric oxygen patients are put inside a chamber and then breathe oxygen under pressure.

“When oxygen is under pressure,” she said, “it acts as a drug and stimulates the flow of new blood into the damaged tissue. It’s the only thing that can heal the brain.”

It is a painless procedure.

Veterans who qualify receive free transportation to and from the clinic, and sponsors are making lodging, meals and transportation available at reduced rates.

Interested veterans are asked to call Dr. Harch’s office in New Orleans for an interview at 504-309-4948.