BRAC: Labor figures reinforce positive trends

Staff reports

BATON ROUGE – The Baton Rouge Area Chamber announced this week that recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers indicate that the region’s economy remains positive.

The United States Department of Labor’s Metro Area Employment and Unemployment Summary report notes that the Baton Rouge area’s unemployment rate in December was 5.3 percent. While there was a slight increase compared to November, this percentage is below the state rate of 5.9 percent, and well below the national rate of 7.1 percent.

The BLS also reported that the Baton Rouge area increased total employment by 700 jobs month-over-month and 4,000 jobs year-over-year.

“We continue to see indications that the Baton Rouge area’s economy remains strong, especially when compared to the rest of the country,” said Adam Knapp, BRAC’s President and CEO. “However, this data significantly underscores the necessity of the unified workforce development system that was recently created by the governor and the legislature. With these numbers and an historic amount of capital investment committed to our region, it is imperative that we implement this new system as quickly as possible in order to maintain this positive economic position.”