Ascension tourism employees receive raises

Wade McIntyre

Two full-time employees of the Ascension Parish Tourism Commission received raises Tuesday matching their pay classifications under the newly adopted Ascension Parish government pay scale.

Office manager Ramon Gomez was given a raise from $13.79 per hour to $18.63, and Loretta Templet, classified as a Secretary II on the parish scale, was bumped from $11.67 to $17.38 per hour.

The motion to make the raises retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009 carried unanimously.

Laura Evans, the third full-time office employee on the staff, was promoted to full-time status in late 2008 and not included in Tuesday raises due to her probationary status as a new full-time employee.

Each of the hourly pay positions are subject to overtime pay, which board members said they would review periodically.

The commission also has a position for executive director which has been vacant since before Hurricane Katrina.

In an unrelated business matter the commission agreed to renew the leasee of its tenant Ascension Economic Development Corporation, raising the AEDC rate from $607 per month to $661.

Members also discussed entering into a security system arrangement with AEDC in which the two entities would split costs to install a security system in the building.

In another matter, Board Member Susan Ringwald reported that national RV sales were down around 24 percent for 2008 and are expected to decline another five percent for 2009, further impacting Lamar-Dixon.