Club hosts inauguration party in Donaldsonville

Wade McIntyre and Allison B. Hudson
Donaldsonville residents celebrated Jan. 20 at Hambonz night club during an Inauguration Party dressed in Barack Obama T-shirts and holding the American flag. From left, are Darryl Hambrick, owner of Hambonz, Brenetta Veazie, DeEtte Green, Donna Stevens, Larry Rome, Me’Shuna Buggage, Travis Simon, Paulette Simon and Mario Brown.

During a Presidential Inauguration Day Party at the Hambonz club on Railroad Avenue in  Donaldsonville, area residents offered reflections and shared feelings of profound joy and surprise at the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land.

“This is truly a blessing,” said Hambonz owner Darryl Hambrick, while he prepared his establishment for the crowd which began gathering around 6 p.m. Tuesday. “I am grateful to have lived to see this.”

Calvin Brown, 22, one of those in attendance, said it was great to have someone like Obama to look up to.

“This will go down in history and we all should be proud of what we, as Americans, have accomplished,”  the Donaldsonville resident said.

Tony Moll, 66, also of Donaldsonville, described the inauguration and election of America’s first African-American president as the most wonderful thing he has experienced in his lifetime.

“I never thought it would come so soon,” he said. “Dr. King (Rev. Martin Luther King) predicted this, I just never thought I would ever live to see this.”

R.J. August, another resident of Donaldsonville and patron of Hambonz, said the inauguration day celebration “honestly sent chills” down his spine.

“It’s amazing how one man with so much integrity can move so many people into action,” August said. “It’s the first time I really feel like an American.”

“I hope a lot of people realize this wonderful experience,” Moll said. “Martin Luther King said we shall overcome and we have finally overcome.”

August agreed. “It is fascinating and phenomenal for a rise up like Obama’s,” he said. “We talk about the constitution and I think it’s sad we only acknowledge a time like this in one day.”

The election of Obama as president of the nation can best be described as “a movement,” he said.