Parish public schools improve performance scores for ’07-’08

Staff reports

DONALDSONVILLE - The Ascension Parish School System increased its District Performance Score (DPS) for 2007-08 by one and a half points, moving upward to 99.8 and ranking it among the top 10 school districts in the state, according to recently released scores from the Louisiana Department of Education.

“The steady growth in our schools can be attributed to strategic initiatives and hard work of the part of students, teachers and administrators,” Assistant Superintendent Patrice Pujol said.

Eleven parish schools either increased their score or remained constant. At Lowery Intermediate School, those strategic efforts could not be more evident, said Pujol. The school’s students posted the largest improvement of any in the district, increasing their School Performance Score by 8.2 points.

“Our school system has been strategically focused on Lowery as it works to move the school from “Academically Unacceptable.” With a 2007 Growth Score of 62.0, Lowery is well poised to move into the academically acceptable accountability range, added Pujol.

Other Ascension Parish schools that showed substantial increases in their scores include G.W. Carver Primary School, which increased its score by 3.1 points; St. Amant Middle School bettered its core by 4.6 points; and Dutchtown Primary and Galvez Middle schools improved their scores by 2.9 and 2.0 points, respectively, making them both eligible for rewards through the state’s accountability system.

Ten parish schools, including Donaldsonville Primary, did experience a decrease in their School Performance Score, according to the statistics

“We will review Donaldsonville Primary’s data to specifically prepare measures to address their decrease and provide the added attention needed,” Superintendent of Schools Donald Songy said. “We feel strongly that the foundation already in place will address the academic needs of our students, but we need to pay closer attention to preparing our students for their transition into Lowery Elementary School.

"We are continuing our improvement initiatives across the district. One such initiative is the recent implementation of the benchmarking assessment tool, Aspire. Our teachers will be able to identify and address individual student learning deficits through the use of this tool," Songy added.

"It is important to understand that school performance scores follow a natural trend. We expect there to always be ups and downs along the way," Songy said. "Since the inception of the accountability system by the state of Louisiana nearly ten years ago, the schools in the district of Ascension have shown a steady trend of growth in School Performance Scores."

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