Sullivan, incumbent city councilmen retain seats in Donaldsonville races

Staff reports

DONALDSONVILLE – Incumbent Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. survived the challenges of two opponents Saturday to earn a second four-year term as the city’s top official, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office.

Meanwhile, the three incumbents claimed victories in city council  races and voters overwhelmingly passed two proposed amendments to the city’s home rule charter.

With all 11 of the city’s precincts reporting Friday, Sullivan avoided a runoff by finishing with 1,624 votes, or 55 percent. Challenger Michael McKinney Sr. finished with 782 votes, or 27 percent. Eric “Twin” Robinson finished with 534 votes, or 18 percent.

In the city council races, incumbent Anthony Huey, Reginald Francis Sr. and Charles R. Brown Sr. each retained their seats.

With the sole precinct in the race reporting, District 1 Councilman Huey finished with 271 votes, or 56 percent. challenger Lauthaught Delaney Sr. finished with 208 votes, or 43 percent.

With all three District 2 precincts reporting Friday, Francis earned 298 votes, or 66 percent, to win a three-person race in the primary. Finishing second was Dianne Singleton with 97 votes, or 21 percent. Clarence Henry Jr. finished third with 58 votes, or 13 percent.

With all six precincts reporting Friday in the District 4 race, Brown finished with 489 votes, or 69 percent. Challenger Miquel Miles Sr. finished with 224 votes, or 31 percent.

All candidates in the Donaldsonville races are registered Democrats.

In regards to the charter amendments, Proposition No. 1 - which amends Article IV, Section 4-08 of the charter by deleting nine paragraphs to eliminate requiring city employees to go through the 

civil service system - passed with 1,492 votes, or 61 percent. The  amendment excludes fire department employees.

Proposition No. 2 - amending Article V, Section 5-04 of the charter to reflect state statutes and current accounting practices set by a resolution of the council earlier this year. - passed with 1,617 votes, or 67 percent.