Sorrento Town Council accepts high deductible insurance, joins in parish debris removal

Wade McIntyre

SORRENTO - During last week’s regular meeting, the Sorrento Town Council unanimously adopted a employee health insurance savings plan requiring deductible of $1,900 for individuals and $3,800 for families.

The plan represents a 19 percent increase in rates, according to Polly Whitfield of Waguespack and Associates Insurance Agency.

Rate increases are typically due to group usage of a plan and “a standard increase” that occurs annually, she said.

Sorrento currently has three participants in the plan, all members of the police department.

The plan goes into effect Oct. 1, Whitfield said.

Mayor Brenda Melancon said adopting the health savings plan will save the town $600 per month.

Sorrento previously offered employees a point-of-service group  plan with a $100 deductible.

In unrelated business, the council discussed repairing a leak in the city hall roof which is causing mold in the police department and the city clerk’s office.

Councilman Edwin Pezant said rainwater on the flat roof spreads and causes leaks “everywhere” in the building.

The council tabled repairing the roof until an insurance adjuster comes in and provides a damage repair estimate.

In another matter, the council entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the parish that would provide 75 percent of the cleanup costs for debris from Hurricane Gustav.

Councilman Randy Anny said the majority of the cost would come through federal funding under the agreement, and that the state would pay 15 percent, leaving the parish with a 10 percent payment.