POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Frederic-Braud looks to remain 3rd Court Justice of the Peace

Staff reports
Jamie Frederic-Braud

Staff report

Jamie Frederic-Braud, the incumbent Justice of the Peace in the parish’s 3rd Justice Court, is seeking reelection to her position during this fall’s elections.

The 3rd Justice Court encompasses the areas of St. Amant, Acy, Sorrento, Darrow, Burnside, Galvez, parts of Gonzales and Prairieville.

“As Ascension Parish grows, so do the needs of our community,” Frederic-Braud said. “For the past 12 years, I have served the needs of my community with a full service/full time/fully automated office, always at your call to answer questions, notarize your documents or marry you at a moments notice. I have been there and will continue to be there in the next six years, if reelected.”

Frederic-Braud has served as the 3rd Justice District’s Justice of the Peace for the past 12 years. She said in that time, she has provided “a court of fair and equitable decisions based on the law and what is right.”

A 1984 graduate of St. Amant High School, Frederic-Braud has been a commissioned Civil Law Notary Public since 1992 and received her paralegal degree in 1993.

“As a fully commissioned Civil Law Notary Public, I can assist you with buying, selling and donating your vehicles and your land,” she said. “I can notarize your affidavits or sworn statements, last will and testaments, living wills, powers of attorney, lease agreements, liens and incorporating your businesses. I can offer you these services that the other candidates cannot offer you.”

She has also annually attended the Justice of the Peace and Constables’ Training Conferences in order to continue her education.

“It takes a strong person and leader to continue to make this office move forward into the future and I feel that I have been that person,” she said.

Frederic-Braud said that Ascension Parish has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years, with more than 29,000 registered voters in her district alone.

Frederic-Braud said that if reelected, she will continue to serve her constituents needs “in the same effective, proficient, knowledgeable manner as I have in the past.”

“I am qualified for the position for which I have been elected and will continue to gain any additional knowledge needed to serve the community and move forward with the ever changing parish in which we live,” she said.

“I ask for your continued support and your vote in the upcoming election Oct. 4,” Frederic-Braud said.