Donaldsonville High, Lowery campuses regain power, could possibly open Friday

Aaron Looney

Donaldsonville High School and Lowery Elementary and Intermediate schools in Donaldsonville have regained power as of Wednesday afternoon, according to school system officials, but will not open until at least Friday.

Ascension Parish Superintendent of Schools Donald Songy said during a special School Board committee meeting Tuesday in the East Ascension High School cafeteria that power had been restored at Donaldsonville High School. He added at the time that there was no word as to when Donaldsonville Primary School would have power restored.

"We thought that it would have had power back by now because of its proximity to the Wal-Mart store there, which has power," Songy said. "That hasn't been the case."

Johnnie Balfantz, spokesperson for the school system, said in a release Wednesday that Entergy hopes to have power to Donaldsonville Primary School "soon."

Employees of Donaldsonville schools are to follow instructions from their immediate supervisor or principal, Balfantz said. If an employee has not yet communicated with their immediate supervisor, they are urged to contact the supervisor as soon as possible.

Songy said Tuesday that he hoped to have all west bank schools operational by Friday.

Denise Heisser, director of child nutrition for the district, said that when the westbank schools reopened, students would have meals ready to eat, or MRE's, for at least the first day until food supplies at the schools were replenished.

Balfantz said Wednesday that there will be no breakfast available at any parish schools for the remainder of this week. All eastside schools will serve at least a three component meal for lunch beginning today. As a reminder, parents of students on any type of special diet such as diabetic, milk allergies or nut allergies are asked to send lunch with their child to school until further notice.

All public schools on the parish's east bank opened Tuesday with little incident, Songy said.

"We had roughly about 90 percent of our total enrollment in class today," Songy said. "That about an average day for us."

All but six parish eastbank schools served MREs to students.

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