Jindal appoints numerous Ascension residents to statewide commissions

Staff reports

BATON?ROUGE – Gov. Bobby Jindal has recently announced numerous appointments to various statewide boards and commissions, including many Ascension Parish residents.

Frank Bonifay of Prairieville was recently appointed to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Financing Corporation. Bonifay is the owner of Alligator Bayou Tours and is a member of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network Board. He represents the 6th Congressional District.

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Financing Corporation has the authority to carry out the financing, purchasing, owning and managing of the offshore royalty revenues and offshore royalty revenue assets. The board works closely with the Governor's Office of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

Jindal also appointed John Balfantz of Gonzales and Laura Brackin of Prairieville to his Advisory Council on Disability Affairs.

The group advises the governor, through the Office of Disability Affairs, on issues of concern to Louisiana citizens with disabilities, and identifies the needs, issues, and solutions relative to people with disabilities. In addition the council assists the Office of Disability Affairs, when requested, in the resolution of state disabilities issues, and provides education, communication, and networking services concerning disability issues and needs for all Louisiana citizens.

Balfantz is a member of the disabled community and has served as the treasurer of the National Rehabilitation Association Job Placement Division. Balfantz will serve as an at-large member, as required by executive order.

Brackin is the executive director of the Arc of Louisiana and will serve on the council as required by statute.

Jindal also named William Watson of Gonzales to the state’s Pilotage Fee Commission.

The Pilotage Fee Commission has the exclusive authority to fix and establish reasonable and just fees and rates for the pilotage service to ships and vessels, the pilotage service to ships in distress, extraordinary pilotage services, pilot being carried to sea unwillingly and the detention of a pilot.

Watson has served as the president of the New Orleans–Baton Rouge Steamship Pilot’s Association since 2002. He represents river pilots, as required by statute.

Anissa W. Kaywood of Darrow was one of numerous appointments recently made by Jindal to the Children's Cabinet Advisory Board. The Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board shall provide, information and recommendations from the perspective of advocacy groups, service providers, and parents to the Children’s Cabinet.

The purpose of the cabinet is to facilitate and require coordination of policy, planning, and budgeting affecting programs and services for children and their families. The cabinet carries out its functions in order to assure the most efficient and effective use of resources, particularly through programs for intervention and prevention and through services that assist and support children.

Kaywood is the president of the Families In Need of Services Association and will serve as its representative, in accordance with statute.

Jindal also named L.C. Irvin of Gonzales?to his Advisory Board of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

The purpose of the Governor’s Advisory Board of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is to use training, experience, or special knowledge concerning the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency, the administration of juvenile justice, or the reduction of a juvenile delinquency. The board serves to strengthen the accountability, rehabilitation, and prevention of juveniles either at risk or already found guilty of felonies within Louisiana.

Irvin is employed by the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office and will represent law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies, including judges, prosecutors and counsel for children, as required by public law.