Letter to the editor: HGTV is looking for a small town that needs a makeover!

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

"One person cannot do everything, but one person can make a difference!"

Calling on all "Grand Theater" and "Harlem Theater" movie goers, the "Avenue Cruisers," fans of the "Town and Country Club," and the "Club Shangri La," along with past and present residents and business owners to show a "united front" in helping with cost to produce a video of properties in our community in need of a "Total Makeover."

Together, we can bring "our" hometown to the attention of HGTV. Visit the Donaldsonville Area Foundation facebook page to make a donation! Any amount (no amount is too small) gives everyone a chance to participate in making "Donaldsonville Proud!"

Peggy B. Guillot