River Region Art Association hosts Explore the Pour classes

Logan Ridenour

The River Region Art Association in Gonzales hosts several art classes throughout the year. One of those classes, Explore the Pour is available to the public and suitable for all ages.

The class is taught by Nathalie Bagwell, an artist and instructor with River Region Art Association. It has been available for about a year, but Bagwell's teaching experience goes further than that.

"I've always taught something," Bagwell said. "It's just this is the first time I've taught art."

Bagwell began experimenting with pour methods in her personal time and realized that this was something she wanted others to enjoy.

"It was so fun and easy to do that I wanted to share it with everyone else," she said.

During the classes, she first begins by assessing everyone's level of experience. This way she can guide the class through appropriate techniques. She says she likes to start with something simple. That way, students can learn how to manipulate the paint and see how it works.

Her classes range from eight to 80 and include families, couples, and those artists who may just need a little more information to help them with their at-home projects.

"I want it to be a stress-free environment that you just come in and use your happy colors," she said. "That's really the most important thing to me is just having fun."

Lastly, if you're attending the class, Bagwell asks that you bring your favorite colors to work with.

"Colors kind of evoke certain emotions within us, and if you're always using your colors that make you happy you can't go wrong with whatever it is that you're making."

Classes will be held August 10, 24, and September 14 at the Depot Gallery. Time is 2 to 3 p.m. For more information, call Depot Art Gallery, located at 320 E. Ascension St., Suite C in Gonzales, Louisiana 225-644-8496.