The future of bowling is here

Darian Graivshark
Example of a HyperBowl lane.

HyperBowling was awarded the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Brass Ring–Best New Product Award in 2018.

HyperBowling is a blend of software, mechanical design, futuristic user interfaces, electronics, lights, and sensors. All of these combined creates a never before seen on-lane experience.

Lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players either aim to hit or avoid. Each game has different challenges and levels. It includes video game elements. HyperBowling increases difficult and creates real risk/reward decisions.

There is HyperBowl, which is the signature game. Then, there is HyperBowl Pro, where you get basic game mechanics and more challenges. With HyperSquad, players split into two teams and get to choose their own colors. Then, there is HyperActive, which has fast changing targets inspired by a classic TV game show.

On Tuesday, April 23, Premier Lanes Entertainment Center in Gonzales hosted a presentation of the new HyperBowling game.

"Premier Lanes Entertainment Center is one of four early adopters of this product in the United States and may be played on Lanes 1-8 in our Gonzales location," Katie Brown, Office Manager, said.

The goal of HyperBowling is to tap into the huge gaming audience, allowing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy bowling.

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