Pecan Grove receives grant for bowling

Darian Graivshark
(Left to right) Executive Director of Louisiana Bowling Proprietors, Marc Pater; Office Manager at Premier Lanes, Katie Brown; Pecan Grove Principal, Amy Champagne; Pecan Grove Assistant Principal, Allison Brown.

Bowling to Schools program, a nationally recognized program since 2008, brings free bowling to children of age fourteen and younger.

On March 11, Pecan Grove Primary School was presented a grant to allow students to bowl for free this summer. The free bowling begins on May 1 and will end August 31. This may help parents give their children a fun summer.

"Only 50 schools are randomly drawn to receive the grant out of hundreds that apply," Executive Director of Louisiana Bowling Proprietors Marc Pater said. "Pecan Grove was one of the lucky ones. Each grant is $1,000 dollars."

Bowling times will be Monday through Friday at specific times, which have not been listed yet, and Saturday in the mornings. If parents would like to bowl with their children, they can purchase a Family Pass for $39.99, which allows a family of four to bowl all summer. If they don't purchase a pass, all they need for pay for is the shoe rental for the children.

To sign up, visit Then, you will receive free bowling passes via email every week. All you have to do is show up and enjoy bowling! Children will have two free games-a-day this summer.

Two games of bowling exercises 184 muscles with participants swinging a total of 576 pounds by the end of the game. A person can burn between 320 to 580 calories doing this.

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