Catch beads, not germs! Blue Cross throws out Mardi Gras health tips

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
2018 Miss Gonzales Jambalaya Fest Queen Brooke Everett hands off a toy during the annual Christmas Parade.

It’s Carnival time, and many people will be heading to the parades. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana offers some tips to help you have a safe and healthy Mardi Gras:

---Be aware of your surroundings in crowded areas, and keep children with you at all times.

---If you are wearing a costume or mask, make sure you can move around comfortably and see clearly.

---Protect your face and be aware of beads, doubloons and other objects being thrown from floats – especially at night parades, when these can be harder to see.

---Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And, watch your alcohol intake.

---Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from exposure while watching parades outdoors.

To get to the parades in New Orleans without the hassles of fighting traffic and finding parking, you can use Blue Bikes, sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Sign up at or with the Social Bicycles app to ride for only 10 cents a minute.

If you get sick at Mardi Gras or while traveling out of town during the holiday and can’t get to your doctor’s office, remember that Blue Cross customers can have online visits 24/7, 365 with BlueCare. This telehealth services lets you see U.S.-trained, board-certified doctors with a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any device with internet and a camera.

BlueCare costs less than ER or urgent care and is effective to treat mild illnesses like colds, flu symptoms, pink eye or stomach bugs. You will pay up front at the time of your BlueCare visit – depending on your plan type and benefits, you may get a refund later.

Go to or get the BlueCare app for Android and Apple devices and create your account to click when you’re sick.

Contributed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Louisiana