Gonzales Garden Club’s Annual Flower Show blossoms

Loveday Funck RRAA Publicity Chairman
The Gonzales Garden Club’s Annual Floral Design and Horticultural Exhibits were recently on display at the Gonzales Library.

The Gonzales Garden Club is ending its season with culminating activities in April and May. This month, the members elected next year’s officers, presented a floral design class and produced a flower show. Next month, they will host a plant and bake sale and honor two members recognized by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation before adjourning for the summer.

Club officers for next year were elected at the April 1 meeting at the Gonzales Library. Priscilla Monson was re-elected as President; Jamie Trisler was elected as Vice President. Pat Mouton will be the Recording Secretary and Mary Jo Pohlig will be the Corresponding Secretary. Cynthia Cagnolatti and Ellen Richmond were re-elected as Treasurer and Historian, respectively, and Barbara McCormick was named Parliamentarian.

Two members were surprised by being nominated for Circle of Roses Awards for giving their time and talents to garden club work for many years. Priscilla Monson nominated Barbara Guillot; Jamie Trisler nominated Conchita Richey. Guillot and Richey will be honored at the club’s final meeting of the season in May.

In conjunction with the garden club’s Annual Floral Design and Horticultural Exhibits, Janis Poche conducted a class called Floral Arranging 101: Getting Started” for approximately 50 people. Poche explained that once you conceive of the size and shape of your arrangement, you must choose a container that complements, rather than competes with, the arrangement’s design and flower color. A dry foam oasis should be soaked for hours in floral preservative. (Some commercial stems come with a packet of “flower food”; Poche gave a recipe to make your own.) The oasis in the vase should be camouflaged with low, flat greenery. Three types of flowers are then inserted into the oasis: long slender “line” stems, round predominant “focal” flowers and smaller bunched “filler” flowers to occupy the space between the focal flowers and line greenery. Poche gave several tips for creating uniquely beautiful arrangements that last a long time.

After the class, participants and club members viewed seventeen “Celebrating Easter” floral designs created by the GGC members. The arrangement niches lined the library wall past the circulation desk and twenty-five plant specimens were displayed on a tier of shelves. Votes for the People’s Choice Award were tallied by the head librarian. Winners will be announced at the club’s final May 6 meeting then next evening.

Gonzales Garden Club members and guests enjoyed lunch at Houma’s House and Gardens and strolled the landscape there after the meal.

The club’s garden tip of the month is to plant Easter lilies outside. They will grow and bloom every April along with your irises and amaryllis. Members are continuing to propagate plants for the May 8 plant sale at City Hall.