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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Name: Sebrea Hulin

Age: 59

Occupation: Legal Secretary

Family: Husband - Tommy, Daughters – Cynthany, Christina and Christine, Son – Timmy, Step Children – Lindsey, Tommy, Jr. and Jeffrey, and 12 Grandchildren

Diagnosis date: August 8, 2012

Long-term outlook:

Long term outlook is better than originally diagnosed. I have gone through 30 treatments of radiation with Temodar and a research drug. Twelve weeks after the initial radiation treatments, the MRI showed that the treatment didn't work for me. My doctors immediately changed to two more chemo medicines. Twelve weeks after I started the two new chemo medicines, my tumor shrunk about 70 percent. I will continue as long as the treatments are still working. If it stops, my doctors are prepared to switch to two more new chemo drugs to keep trying to cure me.

Advice for women/men who were recently diagnosed:

You know your body and you know when something is not right. Persistence pays. I would suggest that all people call the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center in Durham, NC. Dr. Friedman, the head research doctor, would look at their medical records and determine if they can treat the cancer. He, and other research doctors, will determine if you could be in the research group for treatment. They have great doctors, nurses and all other workers and volunteers that give you hope.

Any other information you want to add?

“Never lose hope and always keep your faith.”