Are You Experiencing Hearing Problems?

Nanette Daigle Administrative Assistant Ascension Council on Aging

The Ascension Parish Council on Aging works hard to help local Senior Citizens stay fit and healthy so that they can happily live independently as long as possible. One third to one half of all Older Americans experience hearing loss. Untreated loss can result in both physical (not hearing a fire alarm) and psychological (social isolation) problems. Untreated Hearing loss may eventually cause you to avoid leaving home. In some people it leads to deafness.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

• Difficulty hearing people around you?

• Frequently asking people to repeat themselves?

• Frustration at not being able to hear?

• Certain sounds seeming overly loud?

• Problems hearing in noisy areas? *Problems with sounds such as “s” or “th”?

• Difficulty understanding people with higher-pitched voices?

• Ringing in the ears?

St Elizabeth Physician Michael Goodier, MD, MPH, Otolaryngologist, (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor), graduate of LSU Medical School, will explain Age Related Hearing Loss, the latest research and treatment methods and take questions from the audience followed by free hearing screening by a professional Audiologist as directed by Dr. Goodier. These screenings are painless and take less than 10 minutes. Your Ascension Parish Council on Aging and The Gonzales Senior Center and Dr. Goodier have made arrangements for all of this to be FREE for local Senior Citizens.

“Hearing Loss and Aging” presentation and FREE hearing Screening

• Please Call the Senior Center Phone (225) 621-5750 to reserve a screening time.

• Lunch served for a suggested donation of $1.10 for individuals over 60 years old please call ahead to reserve lunch