Breast Cancer Survivor

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Josette Guillory

Name: Josette Guillory

Age: 52

Occupation: Office of Student Services Facilitator, Ascension Parish Schools

Family: Husband, Billy; 2 sons, Reed and Justin

Diagnosis date: Nov. 7, 2006

(Mother, Jackie, diagnosed in April of 2008)

Long-term outlook: Very good—for my mom, too.

Advice for women who were recently diagnosed:

Be reassured by the fact that many people have survived diagnosis, surgery and treatment. And take comfort from supportive family, friends and medical personnel. Lastly, thank God for the advancements in breast cancer research and the good people working to raise awareness and money!

Any other information you want to add?

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is very important to me. In October of 2006, I discovered my lump after watching a PSA about the importance of self-exams. I had a normal mammogram in January of that year, but got complaisant and was not diligent with the self-exams. Monthly self-exams are as critical as that of a yearly mammogram.