Office issues challenge to support breast cancer awareness

Deanna Cuevas Special to The Citizen

The Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers devoted the month of October to raising money for breast cancer awareness in our offices. Dudley DeBosier made a promise to match the amount of money that our employees raised in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Community involvement is a core value of our firm. The employees of Dudley DeBosier, through collective efforts raised $471. The office matched our donation to total $942. The money raised was donated to The Susan G. Komen foundation of Baton Rouge.

What better way to raise money than to bring sweets to work? The Dudley DeBosier employees used their cooking skills for a greater cause. Cupcakes, cookies and pies made for an easy way to raise money. Everyone loves an afternoon snack.

Dudley DeBosier held an office wide raffle to raise money. The prize was a paid day off work. Tickets were five dollars each and two tickets were selected as winners. At five dollars a ticket we were able to raise money and get people to participate in a great cause. An office employee said, "A five dollar chance to get off work for a day is a great deal, especially since my money is going to a great cause regardless if I win."

To show our visual support, employees were asked to wear pink on Friday's to show their support for breast cancer awareness. We do casual Friday's here at Dudley DeBosier; incorporating some pink into our outfits was an easy task.

The Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers ask that you encourage community involvement in your office. There are many ways to get involved whether it is donating your time, knowledge or money, you always have something you can give back.