Foster/Adoptive Parent Recruitment in need

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen


Brian is an 12-year-old boy in sixth grade special education. While school is not his favorite hang out, he does enjoy computer class above all the other subjects. Unlike his younger brother, Brian is not yet sure about what he wants to be when he grows up, but it could have something to do with animals. He loves dogs. He would benefit greatly from a pet-loving family that will take time to help Brian decide what he likes to do most.

Brian is a picky eater, but like most pre-teens his age, he loves to eat pizza and hotdogs. These treats are great positive reinforcement for him when he is having difficulty carrying out responsibilities. He tends to take his time when given directives and has to be reminded several times before completing a task due to his learning disadvantage.

He loves to play with toys and watch movies. While playing outside, he loves to put everything he finds in his pockets. He is quite the collector and explorer! He would like to be placed with his brother who is also in care, but if that is not possible maintaining contact is a definite must.


Dale is a cute 10-year-old boy in fifth grade regular education classes where he makes average grades. He is quite the comedian, and the adults in his life enjoy his company because they know they will get a good laugh.

He likes to play board games and learn new things. Dale finds comfort in prayer on a regular basis and considers himself a Christian. When he grows up, he aspires to be a Country Singer and to own a Country Christian radio and television station. He is an animal lover, but he especially loves dogs. He is very affectionate towards them, and would spend lots of time playing with a family pet. In addition to enjoying typical pre-teen fare, he likes to eat fruits and some vegetables. His all time favorite foods are pineapple and ice cream.

He is looking forward to the prospect of having his very own family, but would like his family to know that he needs to remain in contact with his brother, who is also available for adoption.

If a family is interested in Brian or Dale, they can contact the Adoption Unit at (985) 449-5055 or 1-800-748-7755 or visit the website at If you need additional information, please contact LaTrese LeCour at (985) 449-5055.