Special Needs Spotlight: Cohen Swain

Staff reports
Cohen is looking forward to playing in an environment that is suited to his needs.

Meet the Swain Family, Dad-Matt, Mom- Krystal, loving little Cohen, and little brother- Mason. Like many others, Cohen has Autism. Cohen’s loving heart and cheerful smile can brighten even the cloudiest days. The problem: Cohen’s condition causes difficulties in communication and creates a need for sensory friendly social environments. Cohen loves to play at the nearest all accessible playground, in Mandeville, with his little brother but has a difficult time with the long drive to get there. That’s why Krystal was excited to join with an amazing group of people who have been inspired by persons with special needs.

Cohen’s family believes that the families of Ascension Parish deserve to have a place for children of any ability to play. Cohen will be able to play with all of his friends in an environment that is sensory friendly with a quiet corner within the playground for times when he needs a calm area. Cohen loves to play and is so excited about Project Kidz Kove!

Project Kidz Kove is making amazing leaps and bounds toward their goal of building an all accessible playground in Gonzales. More than 20,000 children in Ascension and the surrounding parishes will benefit from this ADA approved play space. Not only for children with physical disabilities, this park covers it all, complete with educational panels and quiet areas for children that are easily over stimulated. Donations may be made to Project Kidz Kove at: P.O. Box 179, Brittany, LA 70718, or for more information, please call 644-5273.

Ths profile proudly sponsored by: Parish President Tommy Martinez

“Ensuring that every child, regardless of ability, has a safe and functional space to enjoy playtime is of the utmost importance to any childhood. To provide a space that will allow this, right here within our parish, is a testament to the welcoming, compassionate nature of all our residents. Project Kidz Kove has been a long time in the making. The hard work and long hours put in by a multitude of volunteers and board members have turned this much needed dream into a much anticipated reality. Childhood is synonymous with play and the creation of memories. All children within?Ascension Parish can now let those memories begin.”  Tommy Martinez