Gonzales park improvements underway

Charlotte Guedry
Municipal Park hopes to put people in the park with new batting cages in time for the upcoming baseball season.

With baseball and soccer season just around the corner, the City of Gonzales Public Works Department has begun making improvements to area parks.

At the Gonzales Council meeting on Monday of this week, Public Works Director Alvin Broussard, told the council of the plans for parks throughout the area.

“We’ve begun tilling the fields,” said Broussard. “We want to get ready for the sports season.”

Municipal Park is being over-hauled and will include new batting cages. Also on order are new nets and screens for the tennis courts.

Work is also being carried out on area soccer fields to get them in tip top shape for the beginning of the soccer season. “Registration for the new leagues begins soon,” said Broussard. “Work is underway to upgrade the fields.”

Mayor Arceneaux said he was pleased with the progress area parks are making, and feels the area’s parks are important to the community.

“We’ve always been known as a recreational town,” he said. “What we want to do is to get started early. We want to take our time and get them all in really good shape.

Arceneaux said the parks are not just for the children’s leagues, but the adult league’s as well.

“They give us a sense of community, and are a great place to excercise and get the old ticker beating,” Arceneaux said.