St. Theresa School’s God’s Warriors Club selects Student Ministers

Janis Ament, St. Theresa School Publicity Chairman
Pictured are, from left, front row: Aniko Nowakowski, Claire Credeur, Jared Barrilleaux, Cole LeGrange and Breezy Berteau; and back row: Callie Hunt, Kennedy Achord, Manon Vicknair, Emily Labatut, Chase Cranfield and Ana Britton.

God’s Warriors Club, a religious service organization at St. Theresa School, has selected student ministers to give witness to Jesus in their lives and to help lead the God’s Warriors Club.

Student ministers will assume a leadership role in the club by organizing meetings and planning skits, activities, and prayer services. They will also help with Friday Masses, keep club records, and work closely with club sponsors.

The new seventh grade student ministers are Kennedy Achord, Jared Barrilleaux, Breezy Berteau, Claire Credeur, Callie Hunt, Cole LeGrange, and Aniko Nowakowski.

The new eighth grade student ministers are Ana Britton, Chase Cranfield, Emily Labatut, and Manon Vicknair.