President Cointment joins Gonzales Garden Club in tree planting ceremony

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

An old Chinese proverb says that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now. With that in mind, President Clint Cointment joined Gonzales city officials and the Gonzales Garden Club at a tree planting ceremony in front of the Ascension Parish Health Unit.

As it has in the past, Gonzales Garden Club donated and planted the tree, this time a crape myrtle, for its 53rd annual Arbor Day program. The tree was presented by member Janis Poche and her husband Harlan Poche, who planted it.

Garden Club President Jamie Tristler began the program by recognizing everyone present, and commending President Cointment on his efforts to clean the parish by mobilizing litter clean-up crews. Cointment, in turn, praised the Garden Club for its efforts over the years to Keep Ascension Beautiful. He noted that by working together, great things can be accomplished.

Health Unit director Christy Burnett accepted the tree on behalf of the parish, and looked forward to the day it would provide a nice shaded outdoor sitting area for clients.

To close the program, garden club member Patti Mouton read a poem that was written by one of their members.

An Old Oak Tree Reminisces

By Willie Mae Montgomery

I'm just an old Oak tree,

But everyone stops and looks at me.

It makes me feel as if I'm young again.

I grew from a little acorn, as you know,

And it seems to me that I grew very slow.

At first my branches were very short,

But now they're wide spread and dark.

I feel very useless sometime,

But when I think about it I feel fine.

Because my widespread branches make shade for you.

You can sit under them and rest the whole day through,

Or beneath my branches you may spread a lunch –

Just you, alone, or bring a bunch.

The birds still like to nest in me!

I watch the little birds as they learn to fly—

First to the ground and then to the sky.

I feel I have played a part

Because their nests in my branches give them a start.

Time speeds by on light and airy wing

While a child on my limb has a happy swing.

I'm just an old Oak tree,

But everyone stops and looks at me.

As you pass me by, remember this:

I was once a little nut that held its ground—

Then you be sure that I stay around.

Please don't make a stump of me!

I'd like to live my life as a BIG, BIG OAK TREE.

Contributed by Ascension Parish Government