Gonzales Garden Club gains a bird’s eye view

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Gonzales Garden Club gathered at the First Baptist Church Gonzales on S. Burnside Avenue on January 8 for a business meeting, an education presentation and a luncheon.

During the meeting, roll call respondents asked questions about native plants. A new member, Elizabeth Saffell, was welcomed into the club, and a floral arrangement by Mary Jo Pohlig was critiqued. The horticultural hint was to fertilize trees in late January by using one pound of general purpose fertilizer for each inch of diameter of the trunk. Plans were made for Arbor Day and next month's meeting about camellias.

President of the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Audubon Society Jane Patterson instructed club members and guests on "Plants for Birds." She encouraged the conservation and preservation of natural habitats since native plants provide food opportunities for insects and birds.

Hostesses Loretta Ramirez, Dale Bowman, Janis D'Benedetto, Gwen Heck, Sandy Stewart and Cathy Venable provided a chili lunch with all the fixings along with dessert. A local Baton Rouge restaurant will accommodate the club in February.

Contributed by the Gonzales Garden Club