Gonzales Commercial Landscapes of the Month

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

This February, the Gonzales Garden Club is featuring two school board properties as Commercial Landscapes of the Month. This dual recognition comes with acknowledgement of the renovation of the shared parking lot and flower beds at LeBlanc Special Services Center at 611 N. Burnside Avenue and Gonzales Primary School at 521 N. Burnside Avenue. The new parking lot spans the frontage of the two buildings. The selected plantings vary in color, texture and height.

The LeBlanc Special Services Center plantings spotlight young sweetbay magnolias as signature plants flanking the main stairway entrance. The surrounding beds are layered with liriope, blue flax, agapanthus and camellias. Director of Special Education Lynn Hathaway expressed her gratitude by saying "Our beautiful new landscaping has been a wonderful renovation for our building. Our LeBlanc Staff is enjoying our parking lot makeover. Thank you so much for recognizing LeBlanc and Gonzales Primary!"

Gonzales Primary's entryway plantings are attractively structured in tiers of raised brick beds. Over the seasons, the school will enjoy repeat-blooming drift roses, aromatic juniper borders and perennial iris flowers along the accessible entrance ramps. Cone-shaped hollies call attention to the variations in height and texture. Principal Dr. Roddy Melancon noted his appreciation for the school board's efforts with "The results are fabulous! We are very proud of the outcome of our new entrance. The renovation is working out beautifully. Thank you so much for this recognition."

This school board project complements the city's installment of the shrubbery and sidewalks along the Burnside Avenue Corridor. The garden club welcomes these worthy developments spawned by the Gonzales Comprehensive Plan to beautify the main street.

Contributed by the Gonzales Garden Club