Two sisters make a positive impact several years apart

Logan Ridenour
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

At seven years old, Ava Zirkle decided she wanted to help others. She recently followed in her sister's footsteps and donated her hair to Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is an organization that provides free wigs from donated hair to children with hair loss.

Shortly before Ava was born, her sister Sarah donated to Locks of Love after watching her grandmother battle cancer.

"My mom lost her parents and three siblings to cancer. She is the only one to have gotten it and survived, so we are very blessed," said Lynell Zirkle, Ava's mother.

So when it was time for Ava to get a haircut, her parents offered her a choice. She could simply get a trim, or she could donate her hair like her sister did.

Ava wanted to help others and said, "It would be sad to lose your hair."

Ava broke her leg shortly before donating. Lynell says this experience taught Ava a valuable lesson.

"I think she realized even more after fracturing her leg that we are fortunate to have our health and how hard it can be when your normal way of life is disrupted," said Lynell.

When it came time to donate, Ava's parents took her to the same salon her sister sat in seven years ago, Chantelle's House of Hair in Gonzales, Louisiana.

"We are so proud of them. My husband and I have tried to teach all of our children to be kind and giving," said Lynell.