D1 Gym opens in Gonzales

Logan Ridenour
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

A new D1 Training facility is now open in Gonzales. The gym will provide athletic-based training for community members of all ages.

At a gym where everyone is an athlete, D1 has five main programs available for group training that vary depending on an individual's age. They also provide small group, team, and personal training.

"We're local folks that saw that there was a need for that higher level of understanding of how to train," said Eric Bascom, D1 Ascension's General Manager.

"There is nothing like this in our area," said Bascom. He says that D1 Ascension will provide a unique service to local school athletics.

"They're [local coaches] doing a lot of skill training . . . we're building the athletic base to make them fantastic competitors."

"The idea behind D1 is everything is coach driven and coach led. So you're constantly going to have a coach watching over you to help you, to motivate you, to inspire you, to move on to be a better athlete," said Head Coach Blake Hill.

D1 Ascension also focuses on the overall health of an athlete, physically and mentally. They provide a recovery room for use after exercise, an onsite physical therapist, and Standard Athletic Testing (SAT).

The SAT will provide a full report on an athlete's abilities while comparing them to their peers across the country.

"D1's philosophy is that we want to create fantastic people both in the field of play or fitness and exercise, but also off," said Bascom.

The new facility is accepting new members at 2733 W. Outfitters Drive.