Gun and Knife Show at Lamar Dixon

Logan Ridenour
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Classic Arms Productions Gun and Knife Show was held at Lamar Dixon Expo Center, January 4 and 5.

The event’s promoter, Saundra Bean-Hewett said over the weekend they had people ranging from gun enthusiasts to first-time gun owners present.

"We've had a good crowd; we’ve had lots of vendors," said Bean-Hewett.

One of those vendors, Marc Mouton, owner of Front Ridge Trading out of Lafayette said this was his sixth time at this particular show.

He says one of the main aspects of attending gun shows is watching families bond.

"There was a time when we started going with my father back in Lafayette. That was our time together . . . we liked to go around and look and talk and just look at the various things."

"You never know what you're going to come across," said Mouton.

Classic Arms Productions strives "to keep the focus on quality shows that are well attended due to the quality of our exhibitors and their merchandise," according to their website.

"It's a great facility [Lamar Dixon]. It's one of the finest facilities that we go to," said Mouton.

Classic Arms and Productions will be back for additional gun shows in Gonzales during March and May 2020.