Mia and Jace: a 7-year old's take on character

Logan Ridenour
Sophia Lurue Guyton poses with her new book Mia and Jace.

At seven years old, Sophia Lurue Guyton has published her first book. The story is titled "The Adventures of Mia and Jace," and it is her take on being a good person.

Sophia currently lives in Port Allen, Louisiana and her story involves different aspects of her life. It follows characters like Mia who she based on herself, and Jace, her older brother.

Other characters include Bella Bunny, Pearl Rabbit, and Sophia Giraffe. In each chapter of the book, the characters learn different life lessons.

The book draws reference to different biblical references and principles. This is where Sophia says she got her inspiration for sharing these lessons with others.

"God gave me a message. He wanted me to share it," Sophia said.

"My first thought was to write a letter to everyone in the world. But then I realized it would take too much time, and I did not know the addresses. So I decided to write a book instead," she said.

It took her five months to complete the book. Some of the chapter titles are, "Good Choices," "Forgive," and "Do not be evil but good in this world."

Sophia wants each student at her school to have a book. She is currently seeking sponsorship.

The book is available for purchase online. Here is a link to a video with more information: