Paving the way for Excellence

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Pictured L-R Ms. Lee Ester Barrow, Senator Barrow's mother in law for over 30 years; First Lady Donna Edwards; Mrs. Odessa Johnson who enlightened Senator Barrow through her teachings in Civics and Black History at East Ascension High School Class of 1984; and Mrs. Essie Ashford, Senator Barrow's beloved mother who natured and inspired her.

On August 29, 2019, Louisiana State Senator Regina Ashford Barrow and Southern University's First Lady Norma Belton hosted "Coffee with the State of Louisiana's First Lady Donna Edwards."

This picture embodies a reflection of Senator Barrow's past and present life; beginning as a humble young leader, having longevity in her relationships, and being a well-respected immutable force in her beliefs an career.

Contributed by La. Senator Regina Ashford Barrow