Local heroes: Deputy Raymond Wade honored at banquet

Logan Ridenour
Deputy Raymond Wade receives the 2019 Deputy of the Year award at the Knights of Columbus Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet.

The forty-fourth Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet was hosted by the Knights of Columbus in Gonzales last week. Among those celebrated was the City of Gonzales Police Department, Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office and the State Police Troop A.

The guest of honor this year was Louisiana State Representative Clay Schexnayder. "The officers we honor here tonight are the best our state has to offer. People for whom honor, courage and dedication is a way of life," said Shexnayder.

"Some may think it's fashionable to say the age of heroes has passed. Well if you're looking for heroes, look around this room."

Following Schexnayder's comments, the presentations of awards began. Among those honored was Deputy Raymond Wade. Sheriff Bobby Webre presented him with the award of 2019 Deputy of the Year.

Deputy Wade began his journey with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office only two years ago, and is now a Field Training Officer.

"Raymond has such people skills," Webre said. "He possesses a skill set to be a deputy that enables him to be just the unbelievable law-enforcement officer that he is."

He was nominated by so many of his fellow deputies, that Sheriff Webre saw him as the obvious choice.

"Raymond is tireless." Sheriff Webre said. In the last two years, Deputy Wade has only taken one day off – and that was to honor the life of a friend."

His ability to communicate and connect with those around him could be attributed to the fact that he was a pastor for 15 years prior to becoming a deputy. Through his travels and experience, Wade has learned to speak several different languages and is currently learning sign language so he can better help others.

"He's always looking throughout the district to see where they need help. That's the kind of deputy that Raymond is. He is a mentor to those young deputies out there.

"If they become half the officer you are, Raymond, we will have an unbelievable department."