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Gators present Honorary Team Captain Scott Arceneaux

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St. Amant Principal Beth Templet, Athletic Director David Oliver, and St. Amant Fire Chief & Booster Club President James LeBlanc recognized long-time teacher and the Director of Sports Medicine at St. Amant High School - Mr. Scott Arceneaux recently.

Coach Arceneaux's career spans over 25 years. He helped establish local sports medicine courses in 1996 that became the catalyst to the current state-wide curriculum.

He has served as the Louisiana Athletic Trainer's Association President and is the only athletic trainer ever to be recognized by the LHSAA with a Distinguished Service Award. In 2013, he was the first member from Louisiana to be recognized as the District 9 Secondary School Athletic Trainer of the Year.

Last year, Arceneaux was chosen by the National Athletic Trainers Association to receive the prestigious Athletic Trainer Service Award in recognition of his contributions to the athletic training profession as a volunteer.

He has been instrumental in legislative efforts to create sports safety policies and St. Amant High School is one of only five schools in the state of Louisiana to hold the distinction of a "National Safe Sport School."

Coach Arceneaux has overseen the care of more than 8,000 athletes in the 22 sports at St. Amant High. He has attended over 7,000 games, including countless district championships and seven state championships.

Those games include over 250 varsity football games, as well as 400 sub-varsity games. But more important to Coach Arceneaux, there have been over 200 student aides that have come through the Sports Medicine program, and many of those students have gone on to careers in healthcare.

Coach Arceneaux and his wife of 27 years, Bridget Arceneaux have two children: Kyle, who graduated in 2012 and Sarah, who is currently a sophomore and a member of the Lady Gator soccer team.

Gator Fans showed Coach Scott Arceneaux, along with his wife Bridget, and daughter Sarah how much they appreciate his long outstanding efforts to the St. Amant Gator Family by recognizing him as the "Honorary Team Captain" at The Pit.

Contributed by St. Amant Boosters