Boucherie Festival Queens host queens from across Louisiana

Logan Ridenour
Festival queens gathered from across Louisiana in Sorrento last weekend for a fun day together.

The Boucherie Festival Queens had a fun Sunday in Sorrento alongside other queens from different pageants throughout Louisiana. The event was hosted by Miss Boucherie Maci Marse and Teen Miss Ava Savoy.

The day began with food and crafts, like painting piggy banks in honor of the Boucherie Festival.

"Today is a day for all different queens from around Louisiana to just come out and see what Sorrento has and basically just for me to have a day to celebrate with them before my reign ends," Marse said.

Marse has been active in the community promoting the Lions Club and their programs since she won Miss Boucherie.

The Boucherie Festival began as the traditional butchering of hogs in preparation for winter. This time of year was ideal for keeping meat due to the colder weather. The Sorrento Lions Club aimed to keep this tradition alive and began holding the "boucherie" in the 1960s.

Since then the boucherie's popularity has grown and expanded to become the festival it is today. The festival now serves as a fundraiser for the Sorrento Lions Club and the Lions Club Camp. The camp is held every summer. It is free for children with special needs, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and childhood cancer.

Since her crowning, Marse has been involved in spreading awareness about the Lions Club and their various outreach programs. The Boucherie Festival will be held in conjunction with the Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival beginning September 27 at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.