Local heroes: Sergeant Carey Cannon

Logan Ridenour
Sergeant Carey Cannon of the Gonzales, La. Police Department.

Sergeant Carey Cannon is an officer at the Gonzales Police Department. He has been serving the community since 2003, and was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant on August 7.

Sgt. Cannon was born and raised in Gonzales. His family not only holds deep roots in the area, but also in law-enforcement. He reflected on watching his brother serve and how that influenced his decision. "I'd seen how he glowed to be able to go out there to help the community," Sgt. Cannon said.

He says law-enforcement was always in his blood. "The first day I stepped into the uniform I was like, man you know what? This is me. And from there, I mean I just put everything I had into it," he said.

After one year as a reserve officer, Cannon was ready to serve full time. "It just got in my blood and I was like, yeah this is probably what I should have been doing."

Cannon keeps himself grounded in his main goal: serving others. "That's not our job to take a call. Our job is to help people," he said.

"If you look at it like you're trying to find justice for someone, then it no longer becomes about power, but service."

If you were to take a ride in Sgt. Cannon's patrol car, you would see these reminders in plain site. With "pelican loot" as he calls it, from Pecan Grove Primary and a popsicle-yarn craft project from students, symbols of the community he cares for are always nearby.

Sgt. Cannon also keeps photos of his son with him daily. "That's why he's there. To remind me of what I got, and what I don't ever want to lose," he said.

In his spare time, Cannon says he enjoys being outside. Whether it is mowing the lawn, fishing or camping, it's apparent that his favorite past times are those involving his son.

Sgt. Cannon says he is inspired by his own father's actions. And if he's ever not sure about something, he thinks about him. "I know if he's proud, and I know he would be proud, then I'm doing good," Cannon said.

Sgt. Cannon also earned Officer of the Year in 2016, and has served on the Honor Guard for the past several years.