St. Amant High School to perform during halftime at Saints Game

Logan Ridenour
The St. Amant High School Band, who will perform at halftime when the Dallas Cowboys visit New Orleans on September 29.

The St. Amant High School band is set to perform during halftime at a Saints game on September 29.

Craig Millet, the school's head band director says they have been working closely with the team since 2016. "We've been working with the Saints since the flood. They were very instrumental in getting our story pushed on a national scale," Millet said.

During the months following the flood, Millet said the band experienced emotional ups and downs. The senior class are the only students who were at the high school during the flood. However, the rest of the students were in middle school and so naturally, this impacted them as well.

"You just had these valleys and peaks constantly, so this is a perfect way to put an end to all of that, to put it behind us," Millet said.

The game they will perform at is a special game held by the Saints for the NFL's centennial season.

During the "Fantennial Game" against the Dallas Cowboys, St. Amant will perform as the Saints' guest group.

While the logistics are being worked out, the performance remains much of a mystery. However, some aspects Millet revealed are that he hopes to do a tribute to Louisiana and the flood, where the band will play some Louisiana tunes and make a huge outline of the fleur-de-lis.

Millet hopes this performance will symbolize the journey everyone has gone through these last few years.

"And what a great way, a great finale, of what turns out to be an incredible story of what we've gone through," he said.