Students at Head Start receive donations from Donaldsonville Elks Lodge

Logan Ridenour

The Donaldsonville Elks Lodge made a contribution to Head Start last week. With their goal of assisting the community, the impacts of this donation will continue for these kids for years to come. 

"This particular project came through the Louisiana Elks Association, and it allowed us to contribute school supplies," Lee Melancon, the Exalted Ruler of the Donaldsonville Elks Lodge said. "So we decided to choose Ascension Parish's Head Start program to make that donation."

While this donation of colored pencils, crayons, hand sanitizer, paper towels and other basic school supplies may appear small, it will have a long-lasting impact.

Kathryn Hebert, the Leading Knight of the Donaldsonville Elks Lodge, was previously in education for 46 years. She says that when teachers are not worrying about supplies, they are able to focus more energy on the children in their classrooms.

"Well if you have everything you need, you spend more time on the students than you do on the supplies," Hebert said. "You can devote more time to the children themselves, and you get greater learning,"

The foundation of learning they will receive at Head Start will impact them over a lifetime. 

"They have all the tools and everything that they can learn at a younger age," Brian Albrecht, one of the leading knights of Elks Lodge said. "So that when they grow older, all these tools will be available to them."

As a firefighter, he sees the impact a good foundation of learning can provide. He added that if you can help them get started in the right direction now, as they get older they will continue in that right direction.

The Elks Lodge has been part of the Donaldsonville community since 1909. With 110 years of experience, they are continuing to seek those who have a desire to positively impact the community and have the tools to do so.

The Elks donation totaled $1,500 in supplies for Ascension Head Start.