Lucy Butler celebrates her 102nd birthday

Logan Ridenour
Lucy Butler, who recently turned 102 years old.

Lucy Butler celebrated her 102nd birthday at the Gonzales Healthcare Center on July 28, 2019. While she was born in Paincourtville, she spent most of her life in Donaldsonville taking care of others.

Butler was joined by her friends at the healthcare center and her niece, Theresa Crenshaw. "I really love her, from the bottom of my heart," said Crenshaw. She reflected on her time with her aunt. "She's a very loving, kind person.

"Loves to sing, go to church . . . she just loves people." In fact, for many years Butler spent her time singing with her church. One of her favorite songs is Amazing Grace, which she still sings today.

Along with singing, another hobby of Butler's is gardening. "I know when I first met her she was just in the yard all the time. She loves gardening," said Crenshaw.

While planting seeds in her garden, Crenshaw also took care of others while working in an elderly home most of her life. 

Her passion was caring for people, said Crenshaw. And throughout her 102 years, she learned that the secret to her longevity is being with God and enjoying life. 

"It's just a blessing that she's still here, and I hope she can see many more birthdays," said Crenshaw.