Sheriff Bobby Webre reinstates Junior Deputy Program

Logan Ridenour
Sheriff Webre poses with a group of participants in the 2019 junior deputy program.

Summer vacation holds endless opportunities. One of those opportunities this year for kids in Ascension Parish is participating in the Junior Deputy Program.

Sheriff Bobby Webre reinitiated the program after he was appointed to office, ensuring that one-day-a-week, for eight weeks the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office provides activities and education for local children between the ages of 10 and 13. Six weeks into the Junior Deputy Program they have been exposed to several different facets of law enforcement.

With up to 80 participants, the kids were broken down into several teams. Nearly every week they went through team-building exercises including an obstacle course, tug-of-war, and a water bucket challenge. Mixed in with the fun was a dispatch and CPR demonstration, crime scene investigation demonstration, bullying defensive tactics, and much more.

This week they interacted with equipment the sheriff's office uses for training and real-life scenarios. Divided into their teams, they each had an opportunity to learn weapon safety and implement that knowledge through hands-on experience while shooting a rifle.

They also rotated through different equipment, such as the emergency response watercraft, the mobile command center, and they rode in the parish watch-tower typically used for events in the area.

At first, some of the kids were a little apprehensive, said Allison B. Hudson, the Public Information Officer for the sheriff's office. But as the weeks have gone by they were excited to participate.

While the sheriff's office contributes regularly to the parish, this event is unique. "We do so much in the community, but we wanted to do something for the kids as well," Hudson said.

As they wrap up their summer vacation, they will also be graduating from the Junior Deputy Program with a broader understanding of what local officers do on a regular basis.

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